AKY Laines exclusively designs traditional Algerian heritage outfits, updated with a contemporary twist. For example, the CARACO Algérois is designed in three pieces to be worn in traditional or contemporary. The choice of the raw material is studied in order to appreciate the knitted product: silk thread, acrylic / wool blend, wool / cashmere etc.

The KACHABIA, a modernized djellaba shape, practical to wear, is thus knitted with national heritage carpet designs (Ghardaïa, Ait Hichem, Maatka, Kalaa …).

The use of this craft by AKY Laines is not limited to the article worn. AKY Laines also designs bedspreads, wall panels, scarves, reflecting the history of Algeria by their Jacquard.

Amina Youcef Khodja has chosen to highlight his side artist and creator. Raised in the traditions of manual labor, when aunts and grandmothers met on Ramadhan evenings, when after a long day of youth, they excel at knitting, embroidery and crochet art. It is this very warm atmosphere that Amina finds while knitting. Two strands encompass the achievements of AKY Laines?

The first concerns the knitting of traditional clothes, where the respect of the standards of a CARACO Algérois, or a Constantine GANDOURA is the main concern of Amina.

The second concerns domestic knitting techniques that are automatically adapted to the model by the very specific choice of the raw material. The manual remeshing automatically follows the assembly of the pieces.

The processing of raw materials is designed to give a long life to the finished product. The message conveyed by the meaning of the symbols in Jacquard is authentic.

We find traditional motifs such as the Ghardaia Gandoura, the famous Kabyle jewel “Tabzimt”, the southern cross “Agades”, the hand of Fatma, the Berber symbol …

A craft inherited from a passionate mother and transmitted with love for the mesh, or from mother to daughter, the science appreciated it of a more research and creativity, as well in the Jacquard as in the form of the models.

Unanimous recognition for his outstanding achievements and creativity. Selected at many national and international shows and events.