Created in the year 2000 after many years of experience in the manufacture and creation of jewelery jewelry through the exploitation and processing of coral.

Coral jewelry Algeria aims to promote and develop the ethnic jewel, Berber in particular with all its national dimension, Targuis, Chaoui, and Kabyle.

With a subtle and refined approach coral jewels innovates in the manufacture of jewelery by combining styles and forms, sculpt by Targuis artisans fierce and proud of their ancestral heritage.

Precious and unique jewels, works of craftsmen with free spirits, the targuis will make you travel in the time or the art and associate with the seduction and the prestige

Our creations are not mere ornaments, necklaces, but works that carry an eternal message. Our creators complete a set where a reflection on the object – jewel and its new relationship to the body is revealed by treating silver and coral like a lace.