Born in Algeria in November 1967, Fatiha immigrated to France at the age of 4 with her family. Although she has had studies that have nothing to do with art in general, she has always been drawn to this world of mysteries and creations. Until the day when Fatiha had the courage to take the plunge. She has therefore taken her first steps as an autodidact, through oils and pastels in a figurative sense.

One day, she caught the penetrating gaze of an Afghan girl on a photo called The Unknown.
And there! It was: REVELATION !! which marked the beginning of a series of canvases with the main theme Woman.

His growing passion and the assurance of his brushstroke have allowed him to put an innovative style on the canvas, where acrylic, oil and color intensity combine successfully.

The routine is not her forte, she wanted to explore other areas of this world. Fatiha has therefore embarked on design by creating luminaire “tableau luminaire”, and in sculpture.