Pursuing her childhood dream, in search of a means of expression capable of claiming the equivalence of a universal language, Orza gives her soul to painting, in a free and fruitful movement.

She focuses on her white canvas, a brush in her hand, without any detour, without concern for realism, without compromise, the artist oscillates between the line and the rhythm between the exposure of the color and the intuition of the form, and the canvas emits a striking vibration.

The painting of Orza appears as a feat of the astonishing gesture, between abstraction and expression, between movement and fixity, the impression of a gushing atmosphere as if the painting itself announced its own becoming.

The violent gesture that energizes the space of the canvas does not cancel or finish anything, simply the forms are already very marked, by the powerful yellow, blue blues, inspired directly from the visual memories of the many travels of the artist. If the influence of his painting is difficult to define, it can be said that the natural and a certain freshness prevailing deeply.

Less concerned with the balance of the masses, Orza paints the landscapes, the still lifes, or the characters with pleasure and success.

The refinement and the caressing fluidity of the touch create a harmony that reflects a promising talent.