Samir Hamiane graduated from the Fine Arts of Algiers, after an artistic stay in Italy, is gradually moving towards ceramics. Several international exhibitions in Algiers, Paris, Sevile, Tunis, Lisbon, Qatar, Dubai and Marseille.

Ceramist of art of an international rank, Samir Hamiane today is a model of success in Algeria.
He paints the earthenware he makes by turning, stamping, glazing and decorated by hand in his workshops. He makes useful pieces for the house: boxes, lamps, vases, tajines, tureens, pitchers and table services.

It is inspired by the Berber goldsmith’s style and with a touch of modernity to give birth with a perfect symbiosis to exceptional products. He also makes custom tiles for villas, hotels and restaurants that he customizes. Each piece is unique in its decor.

Has won several national and international medals and awards. During the 36 th International Fair in Valencia, Spain, the Alfa de Oro Gold Medal, as well as one of its pieces was selected to appear in the Museum of Ceramics of Madrid. Several medals and awards are on his list.