Algeria, Faces & Landscapes

Presentation of the editor: Lying between the big blue and the vast desert, traveled from end to end by the chain of the Atlas, Algeria offers to its visitors beautiful and unforgettable landscapes.

On 1200 kilometers of coast, the golden sand marries the beach, the green Kabylie, the semi-desert areas of the Aurés, the desert with its captivating aspects. By accessing the Assekrem, or arriving, by the Corniche Timimoun face the Grand Erg, the most rustic can not hide his emotion.

The reader is immediately invited to penetrate the different horizons of Algeria and its regions through more than 400 photos taken during the last 3 years. Landscapes of dreams, exceptional characters, beautiful sites, unusual objects, animals, all this succeeds over the pages, punctuated with quotes and proverbs Algerian (French / Arabic) and accompanies the reader at the end of his dreams. That of men is treated in the same way with a focus on traditions, customs and customs.