All persons coming from abroad must have a valid passport (with, in some cases, a visa), a return ticket and enough money. People must inform themselves before departure, of their exemption or not of visa formalities according to their nationality. If a visa is required, it must be requested in advance from an embassy or consulate.

If there is not one in their country, people should contact the nearest Algerian regional diplomatic mission.

1-General conditions:
Entry visa application form in Algeria

* A passport valid for at least 6 months,
* The visa application form in three (3) copies, duly completed and signed,
* Three (3) recent photographs of the same draw (passport type),
* Certificate of Travel Insurance
* Pay stamp duty for single or multiple entry.

2-Special conditions:

For the business visa:
In addition, provide:
* A detailed cover letter on the purpose of the trip,
* The proof of the invitation of the institution or company in Algeria.

For the tourist or family visa:
In addition, provide:
* A letter of invitation, or a certificate of legalized accommodation, including the name, the relationship and the address during the stay in Algeria.

For the visa- journalist:
Contact the press service of the Embassy for accreditation formalities (journalists) in Algeria.
Diplomatic and courteous:
Verbal note and completed forms

Stamp duty payments must be made in cash. The amount to be paid differs according to the nationality of the visa applicant. It is set according to the principle of reciprocity.


Applicants of other nationalities will have to prove that they are residents.
The visa is only granted to applicants who can prove that they are resident in the country of application.


Tourists traveling to the south must have the exact itinerary of their trip and be accompanied by a local guide.